With a vision to build a better society, we started our Nagadevi Educational Institution and Providing higher education to the aspiring students of all ages was the principal motif behind this noble venture. today I am happy that our service is utilised by the students from every part of our country. I wish the the dreams of the students and the parents are fulfilled and students develop their knowledge, skill and attitude to develop their professional and personal career.

Depressed People Charitable Trust


Students are taught the principles of Caring, Excellence and Integrity, and exposed to the finest of caring and learning environment, wherein they learn, grow, and flourish in the best traditions of professional education.

Aim :
  • To develop the knowledge, skill and attitude.
Objectives :
  • To provide educational and leadership qualities for better society.
  • Ability to become professional who has self directions and responsible citizen.
  • Interest in life long learning of personal and professional advancement.