Academic System

Classification of Successful Candidates

Karnataka State Open University has developed the following set of norms and procedure to conduct the examinations Procedure of Examination: Candidate shall register for all subjects (whole examination) when he/she appears for the examination for the first time (during the year of admission).

Examination Centres: Depending upon the quality, performance and the number of students enrolled, the university will identify the Examination centres from among the study centres. In addition to these Examination Centres, the University conducts examination in other Institutions also which will be notified in the examination fee circular, time table etc. If any changes are made regarding examination centres, the same will be updated on the KSOU website Supplementary examinations will have lesser number of examination centres depending on the strength of the students.

Minimum Marks required for a Passing: No Candidate shall be declared to have passed in any course unless he / she obtains 40% in the aggregate of term-end examination and internal assessment put together for all the subjects.

Course Exemption: Exemption is granted in courses in which a minimum of 40% is secured.

Classification of Successful Candidates: University will declare the grade of successful candidates on the basis of the marks obtained by the candidates both in Grade and Class.

Grading System for the Programs

The following table shows the grading of successful candidates

Latter Grade Qualitative Level Grade Points Percent (%)
A Excellent 5 80 % above
B Very Good 4 60 – 79.9 %
C Good 3 50 – 59.9 %
D Satisfactory 2 35 – 49.9%
E Unsatisfactory 1 Below 35%

Class for the Programs

First Class 60% and above
Second Class Above 50% but below 60%
Third Class Above 40% but below 50%

Scheme of Examination

Please see the prospectus for more details

Eligibility to appear for Examination

To be eligible to appear at the term-end examination in any course, the students are required to fulfil the following conditions:

They should have paid the Programme / Tuition fee due for that year
They should have opted and pursued the prescribed Programme
They should submit the examination form on time
The admission to the course should have been approved by the University.